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Studio QC Pro

Studio QC Pro

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Introducing Studio QC Pro: Your Ultimate Tool for Immersive Audio Precision In the fast-paced world of audio production, ensuring your setup's peak performance is key, but lengthy calibration processes can be a setback.

Enter Studio QC Pro – designed to optimize your immersive audio experience without the hassle. In just 5 minutes, using nothing more than your ears, Studio QC Pro lets you perform a comprehensive check of your system. Ensure speaker levels are perfectly balanced, all drivers function flawlessly, crossovers are accurately set, subwoofers are operational, and eliminate any unwanted rattles. Plus, confirm the precision of speaker time alignment and spatial imaging for an optimal listening experience.

Don't compromise on audio quality. Make Studio QC Pro your pre-mixing session essential and guarantee your audio setup delivers the best performance possible.


ADM BWF file only compatible with Dolby Atmos Renderer.

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  • Speaker Verification Section

    • Channel Call Outs for configurations up to 9.1.6, ensuring every speaker is correctly identified.
    • Level checks using pink noise for consistent speaker output.
    • Frequency sweeps from 20Hz to 20kHz to identify resonances, driver issues, and optimal crossover points.
    • Low-frequency sweeps to diagnose bass management, room resonance, and potential rattles.
  • Timing Test Section

    • Identify any discrepancies in timing among speakers.

    Panning Test Section

    • Panning tests to validate immersive and cohesive imaging across all planes.

    Quick Guide

    • Provided for easy navigation and quick access to specific sections for rechecking.

With Studio QC Pro, excellence in audio is just 5 minutes away.

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