Spatial Audio Toolkit


This is a simplified edition of our Spatial Audio Calibration Toolkit.

SAT Go uses the lossy TrueHD codec and contains less tracks, less sections, and tests for 7.1.4 layouts. This version contains 39 tracks.

SAT Go can be streamed via Chromecast, Apple AirPlay, and Nvidia Shield.


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Available exclusively through Artist Connection

Available now for purchase through the Artist Connection app for iOS and Android. Scan the QR code to download the app.

SAT Go Sections

01 - Intro

02 - Call Outs

03 - Level Matching

04 - Polarity Test

05 - Timing (11 tracks)

06 - Crossover Points (4 tracks)

08 - Tonal Balance (2 tracks)

09 - Object Panning (12 tracks)

10 - Torture Test (6 tracks)

Supported Formats

Artist Connection currently supports the following formats:

Desktop iOS Android Mobile Android TV NVidia Airplay
Atmos Safari only X X X X
Sony 360RA X X
PCM Stereo X X X X X 2 channels
PCM Surround X X X X X < 8 channels (HDMI)
PCM Multichannel X X X 7.1.4 / 9.1.6
Auro-3D X X X X
TrueHD X X