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Spatial Audio Calibration Toolkit - Digital Version

Spatial Audio Calibration Toolkit - Digital Version

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What's Included

The Spatial Audio Calibration Toolkit is the first calibration disc for Dolby Atmos. With our toolkit, you can accurately calibrate your home theater without any additional equipment.


  • 160 tracks
  • All files are in Lossless Dolby TrueHD format
  • All tracks have visual cues
  • Detailed Calibration Guide


MKV Compatible Devices

- Nvidia Shield/Plex
- Zappiti
- Zidoo

M2TS Compatible Devices

- Sony X800M
- Reavon X100/X20
- Zappiti
- Zidoo
- Oppo Blu-Ray Players

Calibration Guide

Each Spatial Calibration Audio Toolkit includes PDF instructions to guide you on your way to better sound. 

Need help deciding which format is best for you? 

Check out our Compare Formats page to view key differences.


Digital Version Requirements

The download of the digital version will be a Zip file. You will need a USB drive with at least 32GB of free space that is formatted to Fat32 or ExFat.

Instant Download

Your download is available immediately after purchase.

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  • Test Tones

    • Perceptual level matching

    • Relative level matching

    • Phase checking

    • Timing checks

    • Imaging

    • Sound stage

    • Subwoofer integration

    • Height speaker integration

  • Tracks

    160 tracks including:

    • Adjacent pink noise

    • Sweep

    • Callouts

    • Object Movement

    • ...and more!

Expandable for Professionals

Combine the Spatial Audio Calibration Toolkit with a calibrated microphone and make the most out of the tools. Our toolkit gives you access to calibrate up to 9.1.6 channels. Additionally, our toolkit can be used as a demo disc for your clients after you've calibrated their system with the included visual cues.

Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
David Rousset
Super useful for my 9.4.4 Atmos system!

I've got a StormAudio ISP16 MK2 with Dirac ART and wanted to be sure to have the best possible calibration for spatialization. Thanks to the Spatial CD, I was able to adjust the level of each speaker at 0.1 dB (using REW and my UMKI1) and check the results using the various proposed tracked. This has helped me to improve considerably the spatialization with my system.

The only wish I would add: please more content supporting Front Wide to help us even more fine tune the front spatialization stage :)

Jonathan Primrose

Very helpful

Imad Rehman
Its a great tool for those that do not have or want REW

This is a great addition for many folks who do not want to ever have to deal with REW. I still think that measurements are still more accurate. I also struggled with level matching as turning up the AVR to zero MV and also the speaker trims to Zero was just too loud and I could not make use of it. In REW the -30dbfs offset allows for this to be done for main channels easily. I ended finding a consistent MV and level matched the atmos and other speakers to it. Seemed to have worked fine. Overall a good tool but I personally did not get much benefit as I am an advanced REW user.

Pink Noise 7.1.4 Atmos Files

Got incredible results with your Pink Noise 7.1.4 Atmos Files + REW + Audyssey MQX Calibration.


Spatial Audio Calibration Toolkit - Digital Version